This couple has been living on a floating island built by themselves for 29 years

The spouses found their happiness in this unusual place

Quarantine made many people nervous, locking most of the planet inside their houses. Nothing has changed for this couple. They have been living in isolation for almost thirty years.

Wayne Adams and Catherine King spend most of their lives drifting on a floating island near Vancouver Island, on “Liberty Bay”, as they call it. Before that, the partners used to live in the city, but always dreamed of the sea.

Catherine and Wayne are creative people. The wife is a former dancer who is now studying homeopathy. The husband is a wood and stone carver. In the early 90s, the couple moved out of a rented apartment in Tofino, distributed all their possessions and began collecting recycled materials to build their own house that could stay on the water.

The couple were not afraid of the prospects of such a life. On the contrary, after the bustling city, the idea of a houseboat inspired them very much.

Wayne assembled a platform from sturdy logs that the ocean had washed ashore during a storm. Here his professional knowledge came in handy. Then the man pulled the raft ashore and began to build wooden structures on it.

The final version of the floating island weighs more than 450 tons. There’s a house on the wooden platform, a dance floor, an art gallery, a candle production workshop and solar panels. Wayne also put a floating waste container on the water. The island even has its own small waterfall with running water.

No one controls the platform. It freely drifts in the ocean in a 25-minute drive from the nearest settlement. The only thing holding it are a few cables attached to the shore.

Such an unusual place to live requires constant work and renovation, but it was here that Wayne and Catherine found their happiness. They do not depend on anyone, and at the same time they have everything they need. There are four greenhouses, where the couple grow food.

Wayne is fond of fishing, and for this he does not even need to leave the house! The man has placed a plexiglass hatch in the living room through which he fishes, so they always have fresh food for dinner.

Do you like the idea of living on a drifting island?

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