Rita Moreno Opens Up About Her Romances with Hollywood’s Top Stars

Rita Moreno and Marlon Brando, two big Hollywood stars, were together for eight years in the 1950s and 1960s. But their relationship wasn’t happy.

Brando was always cheating on Moreno, so she decided to get back at him. They were in a crazy love, but Moreno had to choose life over him after she came out of a coma.

They met in 1954 when Moreno was 22 and Brando was 30. She felt an instant attraction to him.

Their love was intense, but they also had tough times. They broke up many times during those eight years. Brando fell in love with other women, got married twice, and had children.

Once Moreno found lingerie in his house and was heartbroken. She even dated Elvis Presley to get back at Brando, but she found Elvis too boring for her.

Brando was furious when he found out about Moreno’s dates with Elvis. He threw chairs in anger.

They found out they were pregnant, but Brando didn’t want the baby. He arranged for Moreno to have an abortion, which didn’t go well. Moreno ended up in the hospital.

After recovering, Moreno tried to end her life by taking sleeping pills. She was rushed to the hospital and survived. Her therapist advised her to never talk to Brando again, and they didn’t.

Later in life, Moreno and Brando became friends again.

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