Donna Kelce Expects to Be in the Stands, Not a Fancy Box, at the Super Bowl Without Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce talked about where she’ll sit at Super Bowl LVIII. Her sons, Travis and Jason Kelce, play in the game. Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, who are against the San Francisco 49ers. The game is in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium.

Donna mentioned that seats in Vegas are very expensive. She thinks she’ll be in the regular seats, not in a fancy box. She usually sits with Travis’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, but this time it might be different.

Last week, Donna said she wasn’t sure if Travis had arranged a suite for her.

Donna also talked about a photo she posted on Facebook. It was a group picture with Taylor Swift after the Chiefs won a game. Donna explained that it was just a happy moment and not planned to show off.

She mentioned that on game days, she tries not to bother her sons. They’re busy with the game. But she sends them texts the night before to encourage them. She also sends funny pictures from when they were kids, depending on who they’re playing against. It’s a way to bring back good memories.

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