Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell’s Husband Gets Emotional Watching Their Wedding Again

Anna, also known as “Chickadee,” got married to Eldridge Toney. He’s talking about how hard it is for him to watch their wedding again since Anna passed away.

Anna found out she had a serious type of cancer in March 2023. She and Eldridge decided to get married. Sadly, Anna’s mom, Mama June Shannon, shared on Instagram that Anna passed away nine months later.

Eldridge hasn’t been able to watch their wedding all the way through. He says he cried a lot when he watched the beginning part.

He feels happy to see their special moment again, but it also makes him sad because he misses how happy and healthy Anna was then. Just hearing her voice and seeing her face makes him emotional.

On the first episode of their family’s reality show, Anna’s sisters, Lauryn and Alana, helped plan a quick wedding for her and Eldridge after they found out about her diagnosis.

They got everything ready fast. Lauryn’s husband became ordained online to marry them. Anna found a simple dress she liked.

At the wedding, Anna walked down the aisle with her dad. She cried while saying her vows to Eldridge. She thanked him for being there for her and said she loved him.

Eldridge promised to stay by her side no matter what. They danced together at their backyard reception. Anna’s daughters joined them.

Anna told her daughters that Eldridge was now their stepdad. They hugged as a new family.

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