The daughter of legendary actor Tom Cruise

“She kind of looks like Tom in his youth!”

In 2012, Tom Cruise officially divorced his wife and stopped communicating with his only daughter. And now, the paparazzi are actively trying to catch 16-year-old Suri on camera while in public. Suri’s mother has always kept the paparazzi away from her daughter, However, as Suri is already old enough to be independent, the paparazzi constantly manage to catch the girl on camera.

Recently, Suri was noticed on a walk with one of her friends. Netizens surely liked the girl’s appearance leaving some positive comments. “What a beautiful girl she is!”, “Just like her father”, “Can Tom even sleep in peace knowing that he has left his only child behind?”, “Took all the best from her parents!”, “She kind of looks like Tom in his youth!”.

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