“The Everlasting Charm of Jill St. John”: A Look at the Bond Girl Today, at 82

Jill St. John is a famous actress who became well-known after starring as a Bond girl in the movie Diamonds Are Forever alongside Sean Connery in 1971. She’s lived a glamorous life, dating many famous men, including Frank Sinatra, before settling down with Robert Wagner in the 1990s.

Born in Los Angeles in 1940, St. John started acting at a young age and continued to pursue it throughout her life. She married multiple times in her youth but found lasting happiness with Robert Wagner.

St. John’s most significant role was playing Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever, making her the first American Bond girl. Although she enjoyed fame and wealth, she eventually wanted to step away from Hollywood to pursue other interests, like traveling and cooking.

After a break from acting, she returned to the screen, including a memorable appearance on the show Seinfeld. She married Robert Wagner, whom she had known since the 1960s, after both had experienced personal tragedies.

Now in her 80s, St. John and Wagner are happily married, living a quiet life in Colorado. St. John has pursued interests like cooking and charity work, and she’s still remembered fondly for her role as a Bond girl.

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