Ellen DeGeneres Makes Surprise Stand-Up Comeback at Largo

Ellen DeGeneres went back to doing stand-up comedy! She performed at the Largo in Los Angeles for Beth Stelling’s show called “Beth & Pals”. It was a surprise for everyone.

Ellen, who used to host The Ellen DeGeneres Show, started her career doing stand-up. She joined a lineup of famous comedians like Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Aidy Bryant, Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso, Alana Johnston, and Nthenya From Kenya.

Ellen was very excited when she arrived at the venue with her wife Portia de Rossi. They shared a video of their arrival on Instagram.

Backstage, Ellen chatted with the other comedians before Beth Stelling introduced her to the audience. The crowd cheered loudly as Ellen walked onto the stage in her typical outfit of a jacket, jeans, and sneakers.

Although we haven’t seen Ellen’s performance yet, she teased that we’ll get to see it soon. The Largo also hinted that Ellen might be working on new material.

Overall, Ellen’s return to stand-up comedy is something she’s been wanting to do for a while, and fans can look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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