Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Enjoy Romantic Getaway in Mexico

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin looked happy on their Mexico trip. They usually keep their relationship private, but photos of them together surfaced on Monday. A source says they were just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in Punta Mita. They did things like reading, yoga, and meditation on the beach. Another source mentioned they did typical vacation stuff like talking, walking, and holding hands. It seemed like a spontaneous trip, and they were back in Los Angeles by Tuesday.

This vacation came right after Dakota attended a movie premiere in Mexico City. In the movie, she plays a character named Cassandra Webb who gains special powers. Dakota said it was a new experience for her and she liked the message of female empowerment in the story.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who used to be married to Chris Martin, has shown support for Dakota. She posted pictures of them together and mentioned they’re good friends. Chris and Gwyneth split up in 2014 and divorced in 2016. Chris and Dakota started dating in 2017.

In a podcast interview, Chris talked about how Dakota helped improve Coldplay’s concerts for people with hearing impairments by introducing him to a special device called SubPacs. He said it’s been a great addition to their shows, letting people feel the music vibrations.

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