Kate Middleton’s new look: fans are delighted, and envious people mercilessly criticize

This, of course, didn’t go without criticism

Surely you know that the royal family of Britain is known for its female representatives, who always dress fashionably and stylishly. Many believe that the most stylish of them is Kate Middleton. Girls and women spend a lot of money just to look like their idol. It is worth noting that no one will be able to bypass Kate! She’s the one and only!

Today Kate continues to delight everyone with her autumn outfits. However, it didn’t get away without criticism.

Last week, paparazzi filmed Kate as she strolled through the British Museum. She was without her husband and children. The fact is that the Duchess oversees several programs and in this case was dealing with the conservation of wild animals.

She was elegantly dressed: a turtleneck that accentuated her graceful neck, culottes of a beautiful marsh shade that accentuated her beautiful figure and Tod with a beautiful and fashionable fringe.

Kate took a Chanel handbag, which perfectly matched her image. She looks just fine, doesn’t she!?

Despite the criticism, fans of the Duchess supported their idol and noted that they simply admired her style.

Do you like her image?

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