Emma Stone Swears Off Joking About Taylor Swift After Backlash: Admits ‘What a Dope’

Emma Stone has learned from her mistake. She will never make fun of her friend Taylor Swift again.

In a new talk with Variety, Emma Stone and Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos were asked about Emma’s joke about Taylor Swift being a jerk backstage at the 2024 Golden Globes in January. Emma, who is 35 years old, said she won’t make a joke like that again. She saw headlines that twisted her words, and she felt silly for doing it.

When Emma won the Golden Globe for her role in Poor Things, Taylor Swift was there cheering for her. Later, Emma joked with reporters backstage, calling Taylor an “a–hole.” She said it playfully, but it caused some trouble.

Emma and Taylor have been friends since 2008 when they met at an awards show. They’ve gone to many events together. Taylor even helped Emma get tickets to her concert once.

Emma doesn’t talk much about her friendship with Taylor, but she says Taylor is a great friend.

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