“Brain Teaser IQ Test”: Find the Password in 7 Seconds

Picture puzzles are like games that make you think hard and solve problems. They can make you smarter and help you focus better.

In these puzzles, you might have to find a mistake, figure out a secret code, or spot something hidden in a picture.

Doing these puzzles regularly can make you better at solving problems and give your brain a good workout.

Find the Password in 7 Seconds

Are you smart? Try this challenge now!

In the picture above, there’s a room with seven vases and two sculptures.

The door has a password, and your challenge is to find it in 7 seconds.

This puzzle will test how smart you are.

If you found the password, well done! You’re really smart.

If you couldn’t solve it, don’t worry. You can see the solution below.

Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Solution

The password to open the door is “vase” because there are seven vases in the room.

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