“Exotic animals seized”: Camera footage of 100+ animals seized inside Milwaukee house

Officers received reports of dogs being kept in a basement

Recently, the Milwaukee Police Department released new body camera footage showing officers conducting a search of a residence on N. 9th Ave. as part of an animal cruelty investigation. The search revealed more than 100 animals, including dogs, birds, rodents, and alligators.

Upon arriving at the residence, the officers indicated that they had received reports of dogs being kept in the basement. The officers made their way to the basement where they discovered makeshift kennels and substandard living conditions. The dogs in the basement were in poor health, with one officer remarking on the dire condition of a tan dog in the corner.

In addition to the dogs in the basement, the officers found dogs in the backyard confined to fenced kennels. The dogs were exposed to the cold snow and had to live in kennels filled with fecal matter.

The police officers rescued a total of 27 dogs as well as other animals such as goats, chickens, a raccoon, an alligator, spiders, lizards, parrots, and an eel.

During the search, the officers expressed shock at the number of animals and their poor living conditions. Larry Mcadoo, who is alleged to be the owner of the animals, faces 12 charges of animal mistreatment, including two felony charges for mistreating an animal that resulted in its death.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control encourages individuals in similar situations to reach out to them for assistance, stressing that such conditions are detrimental to the health and well-being of both humans and animals.

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