Talented hairdresser cuts detailed paintings on his clients’ heads

What an amazing talent he has!

Riddle: what is created for a long time and difficult, arouses the admiration of people, but disappears after a couple of days, even if nothing is done?                                                                                                                          Answer: hair-pictures from virtuoso hairdresser Truong Xuan Tuan from Vietnam!

This barber has the skill to create pictures on the heads of his clients, instead of just cutting their hair.

The artist uses a trimmer, different kinds of scissors and a comb, nothing special is needed. The main thing is to be careful while working and to respect the client. Therefore, he refuses to “draw” random pictures that the clients come up with. He only agrees to do what he has already tried before. What is he makes a mistake, even a small one? He cannot leave his clients with their hair messed up. At the same time, the hairdresser is working hard trying to learn new figures and drawings.

These works cannot be conducted on medium or long hair. It can be carried out only on short hair. And when the hair grow even a little, the pictures are no longer noticeable. Sometimes these pictures don’t last even 2 days. The average period is 10 days. The artist has not only male, but also female clients who want to try on these original hairstyles.

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