“Optical Illusion Challenge”: Find Deer in Forest in 7 Seconds

Illusion comes from a Latin word meaning to trick or fool. Our brains often fill in missing information from our eyes to help us understand the world. This is called perception.

Pictures that trick our eyes are called optical illusions. They are a simple way to test how well our brains pay attention.

Scientists study these pictures to understand how our brains see things.

Doing puzzles with optical illusions might help you get better at solving problems and thinking in new ways.

Now, let’s see how sharp your eyes are!

Find Deer in Forest in 7 Seconds

Look at the forest picture below. There’s a deer hiding in the scene.

Can you find it in 7 seconds?

If you found the deer, you have very sharp eyes!

If you couldn’t find it, don’t worry. Here’s the solution:

Find Deer in 7 Seconds: Solution

The deer is hidden between two trees. Look for the outline formed by the space between the trees and their branches.

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