“With no makeup and filters”: 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez shared a bold photo from the bathroom

Love makes any woman more beautiful

In her last interview, Jennifer Lopez said that at the moment she is incredibly happy, while previously, she has never felt better.

The artist did not tell the true reasons for the improvement in mood, but her fans are sure that it’s all thanks to Ben Affleck, with whom she recently reunited. Let’s remember that this happened 17 years after the celebrity couple broke up.

As far as we know, to return to Ben, the singer had to part with her lover Alex Rodriguez, with whom she had been in a relationship for 4 years. Ben, in turn, was already single by that time, since before that he had already managed to part with actress Ana de Armas.

Already today, the celebrity couple is not going to hide from the prying eyes of fans and journalists. Jennifer even posted an interesting selfie taken in the bathroom. Thus, the artist only confirmed that love makes any woman more beautiful.

The performer climbed into the bathroom, making a few sensual shots. It is noteworthy that in the photo J Lo appeared without makeup and hairstyle. The artist also refused to use Photoshop, but at the same time, she looked incredibly attractive.

The followers of the artist immediately blamed everything on the fact that when you have such a wonderful period in your life, then you don’t need any makeup and Photoshop. The artist also looks even more beautiful due to the fact that there is such an attractive man next to her!

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