“He’s Arrogant”: Edie Brickell Shares Warning About Dating Paul Simon In New Documentary

Secrets reveale d! 🎥Dive into the intriguing journey of Edie Brickell’s warning about dating Paul Simon in the must-watch documentary

Paul Simon and Edie Brickell fell in love despite warnings. At the start, people said not to date Paul because they thought he was arrogant. But Edie didn’t believe it. She thought people only judged him from what they saw in the media.

Edie also felt the media misunderstood Paul’s relationship with Art Garfunkel. They thought Paul was mean to Art, but that wasn’t true. Art decided to focus on acting, which led to their band breaking up.

In the documentary, Paul explains their partnership was uneven because he did most of the songwriting and decision-making.

Things got worse when Art took a movie role that would keep him away for a long time. Paul didn’t like this plan and it led to their breakup.

Paul and Edie got married in 1992. Before Edie, Paul was married twice. They have three kids together: Adrian, Lulu, and Gabriel. Paul also has a son named Harper from his first marriage.

Their daughter Lulu is a singer too. She talked about how they used to make up songs together when she was young.

Even after all these years, Edie still defends Paul. She thinks people misunderstand him because he expresses himself honestly, which sometimes makes him seem vulnerable or misunderstood.

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