Bear cubs holding hands while the mother bear is hunting

Animals in this are are used to people

Wildlife is not always dangerous and brutal. Sometimes it really surprises up with its beauty and cuteness.

Here are two bear cubs holding hands, while their mother is “making dinner”.

Lewis Kemper is a wildlife photographer. He happened to be in the right place at the right time to take some amazing photos. He met these charming cubs at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

“I was on a trip to Alaska when I met these two cubs waiting for their mother to return near Lake Clark”, explained Lewis.

“Wild animals in this are seem to be used to people so they didn’t even notice me. I was standing about 20 feet from them”.

Sadly, their mother returned with nothing. Wildlife experts say bears have only 10% success in hunting.

Their main diet consists of vegetation and most bears like to eat fish.

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