“What happened!?”: Actor Brian Dietzen Shares Experience of Stroke and Heart Surgery

Brian Dietzen is facing tough times regarding his health! 😥  What happened to him? 😱 Find out in the comments!  👇 👇

Brian Dietzen got his biggest role as Jimmy Palmer on NCIS after a few years. The beloved actor is now facing some serious health problems.

Brian was born on November 14, 1977, in Barrington, Illinois. He always wanted to be an actor, starting with school plays and later studying acting. He also liked writing and even made a movie called “Congratulations.”

He made some bold choices during his audition for NCIS, which helped him get the job. He’s been on the show for many years now and has become a fan favorite.

He had recently had a strock which greatly affected his professional life. Luckily, he was able to call for help, and survived. He had surgery to fix a hole in his heart and is now back to work and spending time with his family.

We’re happy Brian is doing better and hope to see him on NCIS for a long time.

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