“Mom Was Embarrased of Toddler’s Act”: Little Girl Sent Mom’s Photos to Everyone

Toddler’s innocent game left her mom embarrassed 😱 See what she did in the comments 🤔👇

Emily regretted letting her daughter use her phone alone. Her two-year-old daughter Karsin accidentally sent embarrassing photos to Emily’s contacts while she was getting ready. Karsin, who already knew how to use Snapchat, took photos of her mom naked and sent them to people without Emily knowing.

When Emily checked her messages, she saw one from a coworker thanking her for the “nudity.” She then received a call from the same coworker, who realized it was probably Karsin who sent the photos.

Karsin also changed some settings on the phone, so Emily didn’t know what exactly was sent from her account. She apologized to everyone she could think of, but some people got strange photos, like a baby’s foot.

The worst part came when Emily started a new job at her dad’s real estate firm. He loudly mentioned the embarrassing incident in front of everyone. Emily felt ashamed but managed to smile through it.

She realized that the good thing about Snapchat is that the photos disappear after being seen, so at least they couldn’t be saved and shared again. But she still couldn’t shake off the embarrassment of everyone seeing her without clothes.

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