Caring cat became the eyes of a blind dog

Now the amazing friends will always be together!

Living without the ability to see your surroundings is a terrible thing. Spike is a blind dog of  mixed breed. His owner left the dog in one of the shelters in Canada. He had conjunctivitis which led to the complete loss of eyesight. It was difficult for Spike to survive before he met Max, a lonely cat. Spike couldn’t see his new friend, but at least he could feel the love and care coming from Max.

Amanda McCogan is a volunteer in the shelter where Spike lived. She noticed how the dog was hugging the cat in the street to keep warm. She immediately realized they were wonderful friends. For Spike, Max is more of a “support cat” than a guard. He helps Spike overcome stressful times and depression.

In February, the shelter shared an adoption post for Max and Spike in hopes that they would be adopted into the same family. A week later, a family from Manitoba adopted them both. Now Spike and Max ill always be together.

This lovely duo teaches us to always help those in need and remain loyal to our friends. We are grateful to the kind family that agreed to adopt both pets. So happy they will spend the rest of their lives together!

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