“Record-breaking Birth”: Welcoming World’s Largest Baby Boy

Can you believe this? 😱 Australia celebrated the birth of the world’s biggest baby 😮 You can find his photos in the comments👇

Teu recently had a baby boy and broke a world record. Her baby is the biggest newborn ever born. He weighed 13lb when he was born.

Teu thought she would have a big baby because her pregnancy lasted six months and the baby was twice as big as usual. Doctors thought the baby would weigh around 11lb, but they were wrong. He weighed 13lb when he was born at 39 weeks.

The baby, named Maoama, was born healthy. He’s not Teu’s first son, but her fourth. She already has three older sons, twins who are 9 years old and another who is 6 years old.

Teu says her older boys were normal weight when they were born, and Maoama wasn’t one of her big babies. In May 2016, her baby was born weighing 6800 grams, which is still a remarkable achievement.

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