“Revealing True Feelings”: Paul Newman and Robert Redford’s Friendship On and Off Scree

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were real-life outlaws who were friends. But during the filming, actor Paul Newman didn’t always get along with Robert Redford, who played Sundance Kid.

Newman, who played Butch, said in an interview that he had some feelings towards Redford’s character. He mentioned they had fun working together, but he would have preferred to play Sundance because it seemed like an easier role.

Redford was becoming famous around the same time, winning a Golden Globe in 1965. Newman was already well-known for his roles in other movies.

They weren’t really friends back then, according to Newman’s notes. Newman complained about Redford’s punctuality, saying he was often late.

Newman’s daughter Claire said her father was strict about timing, while Redford was more laid-back. Despite their differences, they bonded over their roles in the movie.

After Newman passed away in 2008, Redford reflected on their relationship, saying they had fun playing their characters and discovered similarities between them.

They considered working together again on another film but never did. Redford eventually made a movie called A Walk in the Woods in 2015, inspired by his friendship with Newman.

They grew closer over the years, acting like brothers. Redford said they knew each other’s flaws and liked to joke around.

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