The model showed a photo with an older husband

At 26, she charmed a 62-year-old oligarch

In October, Moldovan model Xenia Deli celebrated her 31st birthday. Now Xenia is raising a daughter from her beloved husband.

When Ksenia was 26 years old, she met 62-year-old Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif, an Egyptian oligarch.

Deli made a post on her Instagram, announcing that she had known female happiness and found sincere love. Many fans of Deli accused the girl of commercialism, not believing in the sincerity of the feelings of the young woman.

However, Xenia and Ossama managed to prove by their own example that the age is not a hindrance to love. Despite the impressive age difference, the couple managed to build a strong family.

“Like dad and daughter,” “He’s old enough to be your father,” “What will you say in 10 years?”, “Money works wonders,” “A beautiful couple,” wrote netizens.

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