This dog covered the children saving them from the robber’s shot

This dog named Myra was living with her owners in a poor neighborhood in Cape Town. But one day a terrible tragedy happened to this family.

An armed robber broke into their house. The owners immediately noticed the intruder, and the latter started shooting in panic. The couple died from 16 shots. Then the criminal headed for the kids room to kill the only witnesses to the murder…

However, the brave Myra stood on the robber’s way.

She covered the children with his body saving them from the last bullet that was left in the criminal’s gun. Myra’s paw was crushed, and the babies survived.

The killer immediately ran away from the crime scene.

The little heroine was seriously injured, but survived. She was sent to the vets of the Animal Welfare Society.

In order to save the brave dog, the doctors had to amputate her front paw.

The whole clinic staff wants the whole world to know about Myra. Share this amazing story with friends. They should see this!

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