Blind animals from a forest meet and help each other. However, the bunny’s statement is hilarious!

One morning, a blind bunny was jumping down the path and tipped over a large snake, then fell tight on top of it.

“I am sorry,-said the bunny,-I didn’t want to hurt you, but I’m blind, so I can’t see!”

“It’s fine,-said the snake,-actually, I think it was my fault. I am also blind, and didn’t see that you were coming. By the way, what kind of animal are you?”

“Well, I definitely have no idea,-said the bunny,-I’m blind, so I’ve never seen myself. Maybe you could check me carefully and describe?”

So the snake started examining the bunny, then said: “Well, you are soft and pleasant, and you have got long silky ears and a small fluffy tail. Also a twitching little nose. You must be a bunny!”

And the little bunny was so happy, he started dancing around. He said the snake: “I can’t thank you enough! By the way, what kind of animal are YOU?

The snake answered that she didn’t know, as she was also blind. So the bunny said: “Let me return the favor and examine you!”

When the bunny was done, the snake asked: “So, what animal am I?”

The bunny answered: “You are cruel, cold, slick, and you don’t have eggs. You must be…a lawyer!”

And the snake was very upset….

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