I can’t believe it’s Rihanna. Paparazzi showed the celebrity, who gained some weight after giving birth, on vacation

On the other hand, she looks really happy!

Popular singer Rihanna has changed beyond recognition after giving birth. The other day, the paparazzi were lucky enough to capture the diva on vacation in Barbados.

It seems that Rihanna is not worried about her transformation, enjoying a vacation in her homeland. However, fans of the celebrity clearly did not like the new shots of the singer. “How she has changed!”,

“I hope she returns to her perfect form”, “She got fat after giving birth”, “I can’t even believe it’s Rihanna”, “She doesn’t look like herself in new photos”, “She was such a beauty before”,

“Motherhood did not benefit her,” “The main thing is that she is happy,” “She is glowing with happiness,” Internet users write. Share your opinion in the comments.

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