The life of a dolphin in the Bulgarian Dolphinarium was cut short from overwork right during the show

People are terrible in their desire to make money on entertainment by exploiting animals. In the Bulgarian resort town of Varna a tragic incident has recently happened. A dolphin passed away right during the show. This is not even surprising. After all, the little creature had to work 4 hours a day without rest. This much work is difficult even for adult dolphins. And imagine the little ones working this much!

The statistics are very sad for the dolphins born in dolphinariums. Almost 2/3 of them don’t live until adulthood. Many of them die from overwork just like this little dolphin.

In developed countries dolphnariums have started to close down. After all, they violate environmental laws and animal rights. I want to believe, that sooner or later the whole world will realize that animal lives are much more important than financial gains.

Let there be no such cases in the world, as well as the one that happened in the Palestinian zoo. Employees had cut off the claws of a lioness, so that she wouldn’t hurt the visitors playing with her.

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