A touching meeting! Dog starts crying after seeing his owner…

German shepherd Freya loves her owner very much. She gets very upset every time the man leaves for a few hours, and waits for him impatiently. And when the man comes back, she literally jumps into his arms with happiness. She’s so happy to see his best friend, isn’t she? It’s so difficult for Freya to survive these long hours alone. Imagine what she went through when her owner went on a business trip.

He wasn’t home for a couple of months. During this time the dog missed him a lot. The man had left her with his mom and called her on skype every day. The dog saw her owner, but she realized, it was just an image.

When the man returned home, they decided to film their meeting on a video. After all, she was waiting for him so much, and therefore had to show incredible emotions. And she did! What we see in this video, is a manifestation of true love and loyalty.

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