Mom-cat brought her kittens to visit her friend-dog. There is nothing more emotional than this meeting!

Dogs rarely become friends with cats. But when this happens, there’s no way you can separate them. They have their own way to support each other in moments of joy and sorrow, to spend time together. They also share food and shelter with each other.

This is a story of two stray animals – a cat and a dog – that one day met each other and are now inseparable. The dog always protects her friend, helps her find food and survive. She started to take care of her from the moment she realized, the cat was going to have kittens. In her condition it would’ve been difficult for her to cope with everything alone. Luckily, she had a faithful friend by her side.

When the cat became a mother, the first she introduced her kittens to was the dog. She immediately made friends with the cubs. And while the mom-cat was taking some rest, the dog played with her kittens. It’s incredible how such different species can get along with each other. And even more incredible and touching is the warmth with which they treat each other.

Here’s a video of their sweet friendship! Look how much fun they have together!

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