The most handsome and rich male celebrities and their “simple” wives

Movie stars made their choice not by appearance, but by the views of their “significant other”.

Would you like to see the wives of famous and wealthy men? Just don’t say that love is blind! And do not measure the aesthetic criteria of these famous men with the criteria of football players, whose wives are like Barbie dolls from the conveyor…yes, they are from the conveyor of plastic surgery! Film stars made their choice not by appearance, but by the thoughts and views of their “significant other”.

Chris Noth and his wife Tera Wilson

In the film Sex and the City, Chris played the role of the man, who is difficult to marry off. He was like this in real life too. Until he met Tera.

Although she had to wait 10 years: 6 years without children, and 4 years with a child. They got married in the island of Maui. The wedding ceremony was quiet and without pomp, as the romantic ceremony was arranged only for people close to them.

Hugh Laurie and his marriage to a theater administrator Jo Green

In 2008 Dr. House from the series was recognized as the sexiest “doctor” in the history of cinema.

So, he threatened to quit the series, claiming that for him the most valuable woman was his wife.

The real-life wife, not the one on the screens – Lisa Cuddy. Hugh married his wife in 1989, and they have 3 children together.

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook married his coursemate Priscilla Chan.

The founder of the successful social network Mark, already being a millionaire and the most desirable groom on the planet, married neither an actress, nor a model. He married his former coursemate Priscilla, whom he knew from university back in 2004.

And before their marriage, they lived together for 9 years!

The woman was his loyal companion and support back when he was taking his first steps in the computer network business and was not famous yet.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. For 25 years he was married to correspondent and producer Maria Shriver.

Recently, the history of the divorce process has taken an unexpected turn – Arnold Schwarzenegger is wearing an engagement ring again. And Maria frankly claims she is no longer sure about her decision to part with the “Iron Arnie”.

There were legends about the love life of Mr. Olympia, until one day, on the tennis court, he met a stranger with dark brown hair, massive cheekbones and a masculine character. “Maria became my most passionate fan,-remembers Arnold,-At the bodybuilding championships, she screamed the loudest in the hall: ‘Arnold!’, and no one could outshout her.”

Actor Pierce Brosnan and his journalist wife Keely Shaye Smith

Irishman Brosnan, or rather Agent 007 had relationships with amazing Halle Berry and Denise Richards. But he married a non-famous journalist Keely.

Before marriage, they lived together for 7 years and had a son. Their second son was born after the marriage.

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