Girl found a poor kitten with a cute tuft on its head, while walking along the street.

One day, a girl from Arizona, USA, was walking along a street, when she noticed an unfortunate kitten, that was all alone. The cat was so small that the girl felt sorry for it and decided to take it home. They started to live together.

The resident of Arizona hoped she would raise and look after the kitten on her own. The little animal got sick, because it had spent a long time alone on the streets. Besides, the cat was very skinny and hungry. However, it constantly refused to drink milk from a bottle.

After a few days, the little cat still didn’t want to drink milk. And as it was too young, giving it other food was contraindicated. The American girl was so afraid for the kitten’s life, that she decided to take it to a volunteer shelter. There the kitten was examined and given the name Wolfie. They managed to feed the cat.

For the first time in a while, the kitten began to drink milk. After that, volunteers from the local animal shelter took over the cat. The fact is, the kitten had an obvious aversion to the bottle of milk. They had to feed the cat in a special way, that was quite difficult to do at home.

The volunteers explained the girl, that at this age, cats are usually very vulnerable. Their psyche suffers because of the early separation from their mother. In addition, the immune system of such kittens suffers from diseases, because of the lack of mother’s milk. They needed to take care of the kitten with the help of antibiotics.

Wolfie turned out to be a girl. A very cute and fluffy girl. A few days later, the kitten got better. She already started to purr softly, and generally behaved like a normal cat. Rolling over on her back, Wolfie played with the fingers of her owners and let them scratch her belly! While in the shelter, the kitten got stronger, bigger and in general became very active. Currently, the kitten stays with the girl that found her, but soon they will find her a permanent family. This is how another innocent life was saved!

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