An incredible morning: Dog gave birth to her puppies in the airport hall. The labor ended with a surprise!

A sensational event has taken place in Florida recently. Right on the floor of the waiting room of the local airport, a Labrador service dog of one of the passengers gave birth to 8 puppies!

Service dogs are meant to stay with their owners 24/7, as the owners are usually disabled: with mental or physical disorders. Therefore, Labrador Eleanor Allie Rigby, despite being pregnant, was next to her disabled owner. The latter was getting ready for a flight.

The woman, together with her daughter and two dogs, was preparing to leave for Philadelphia on the next flight, when something went wrong. Eleanora’s babies thought not to wait till the end of their journey. And they decided to be born right at Tampa International airport!

They, surely, didn’t leave the dog alone at such a difficult moment. In addition to her owners, having postponed their flight, a team of doctors from Tampa Fire Recue also helped the expectant mother. There are Larry Glanton and Natalie Brown among them (the man and the woman on the right).

“Catch your little gift!”

A crowd gathered around them. Everyone supported Eleanora morally, and they all were somehow engaged in the process. It was quite interesting, wasn’t it?

At first, the dog gave birth to a white boy.

Then another white boy.

Then she gave birth to a…right, a white boy!

And another white boy…

And another one…

Then again two white boys.

And finally, when she had already decided to get up and go home from such a noisy society, doctors persuaded her to try a little more. Persuaded, Eleanora lied back down and gave birth to the last puppy, which was the 8th one.

Yes, a little white GIRL!

Here it is – the loving look of a mother who is touched by her firstborn.

“Hurray!” shouted everyone present there and applauded as if it was New Year. Although it really was New Year. After all, the very first, new year of their life has begun for eight young Labradors!

You can see Eleanora’s happy owner hugging her beloved dog after her successful childbirth.

All ten dogs, together with their owners, rearranged their plans, but still set off all together, despite the fact, that from Tampa to Philadelphia it was more than 1600km!

We wish them all good luck and wonderful kind owners for each of the puppies. Let all unexpected surprises in their life have a happy ending!

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