How not to become a victim: Food that even bacteria don’t eat

People, be vigilant! Think about yourself and your children

Such a horror story was told by a practicing doctor, urologist Mikhail Sovetov, at the first All-Russian open Forum of doctors practicing raw food and vegetarianism held in Moscow:

Currently, the gravediggers of Europe have a real problem – corpses do not decompose at the rate with which they decomposed before. It would be possible to bury in the grave according to the terms, the gravediggers are digging, BUT…it turns out that this is not the case.

“What does this mean?” he asks the audience, and he himself answers: “Means that bacteria cannot eat IT”. What did these people eat? Nutrition has changed dramatically in Europe 20 years ago, in Russia – 10 years ago. Oddly enough, for the majority of people it went unnoticed.

Food has become basically of chemical origin – synthetic, unnatural. A huge number of different chemical components began to be added to the products – preservatives, dyes, flavorings.

Their main function, in addition to enhancing the taste, is the destruction of bacteria, so that the product is stored longer.

These substances are written on the packaging. They are allowed to be consumed, but interestingly, none of them has been tested for how compatible it is with other substances, says Mikhail Sovetov. They are checked like this: they take one ideal person, give him a small dose of supplements, see that everything is fine with him, which means that after this supplement everyone can eat. No one has tried, for example, if you eat two or three of these substances at once. And it is clear that people eat them much more.

The second horror story from the same Mikhail Sovetov. A teenager aged 15-16 died of natural causes in Britain. At the autopsy, pathologists estimated the condition of his tissues and organs at the age of about 80 years. The child has been eating in the fast food system since childhood, the parents did not see anything wrong with this.

I am always perplexed by the queue at the culinary department in the hypermarket for ready-made salads. In the queue at the checkout, I see how from what people put out of the carts, only a couple of products, in my opinion, can be eaten. The rest…

Once I bought a small jar of strawberry jam, which I ate directly from the jar. Then I put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. After three weeks, the discovered jam turned out to be completely intact, absolutely the same.

People, be vigilant! Think about yourself and your children. There are, of course, few alternatives, but they still exist.

Where do I buy groceries? In different places. Some things at markets, farm products via the Internet (dairy products, vegetables, sometimes bread from the monastery), grandmothers at the subway (greens, vegetables), bread from bakeries.

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