Jaguar was drowning in a stream of water, when suddenly noticed a man next to him

The jaguar was exhausted, a few more minutes and he would’ve died. When people caught him, he knew they came to help and didn’t resist. The soldiers carried the predator out of the water, as the animal was too exhausted to walk.

The guys saved one of the most dangerous predators in the world. They courageously jumped into the water without even thinking about their lives. The animal trusted these people and accepted their help with gratitude.

Having assessed the animal’s condition, it was decided not to leave him in the jungle. This weakened and exhausted predator could easily become a prey for poachers.

Local authorities allowed the Brazilian army to take care the animal. The jaguar grew up with them, played with people considering them his family. They named this handsome guy from the jungles Jikitaya. Now he’s big, strong and fast. Jikitaya still lives with those who saved him back then, surrounded with love and care!

These people deserve the respect and admiration of others. They are brave, kind and compassionate. The humanity has a chance, as long as such people exist on the Earth!

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