Explore the Unique and Attention-Grabbing ‘Pie-Shaped Home’ Built Almost a Century Ago

In 1925, a special house was built in Seattle’s Montlake district. It has a fascinating story and a unique design.

Legend says a couple who owned a big piece of land split up. Instead of dividing the house, the wife got half of the land. Out of spite and creativity, she built a house to block her ex-husband’s view.

The house looks like a wedge of cheese, narrow at one end (55 inches) with just enough space for a door, and wider at the other end (15 feet). People call it the “Montlake Spite House.”

Despite its odd shape, the house has had many owners who loved its charm and kept it mostly the same.

Inside, it feels like a boat. The entrance used to be a porch, and the original fur flooring and stucco on the walls hint at its history. The dining area has a table for six with clear chairs to make the room feel open.

The door can’t fully open in the bathroom because of the angled walls, but it has all the essentials.

The lower level feels even more like a boat, with a bed built into the floor. The original carriage doors, once used for carriages, add to its history.

The current owner, who lived there full-time, loves the quirks and challenges. From the unique kitchen layout to the puzzle of moving furniture, living in the Spite House needs creativity. Despite the challenges, the charm and history make it worth it.

The owner even thinks about coming back to the house in the future because of its unique charm.

The Montlake Spite House is a symbol of determination, creativity, and resilience. It has witnessed almost a century of history, holding stories of love, heartbreak, and the human spirit.

For those lucky enough to live there, it offers a living experience like no other, blending history, architecture, and a bit of fun.

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