Orthotist from the USA has literally “put on paws” more than 20 000 animals

Veterinarians from all over the world turn to him for help!

Today the name Derrick Campana is already known in many parts of the world. He has already saved, and literally “put on paws” a number of injured animals – over 20 000!

Derrick produces special staples and prostheses, so that animals can move normally. He also films educational videos, which veterinarians use in their work. At first, Campana planned to create prostheses for people that couldn’t walk and move. However, an accident changed everything. Charles – his favorite Labrador – injured his paw. A prostheses was needed urgently.

Darrick then decided to make it himself. It turned out great! Since then, the orthotist has decided his patients to be animals.

In 2005, the American man opened an animal help center. Today, many people know about Animal Ortho Care.

At first, The center’s specialization was focused on the manufacture of prostheses for pets. Then they began to work with wild animals, and those who live in natural reserves and zoos.

15 years have passed since the center was opened. Campana has a solid customer base today. He himself, together with his employees, has created amazing prostheses for dogs and cats, camels and goats, gazelles, foxes and sheep. And even for huge elephants!

Campana, however, hasn’t even seen many of his patients personally. The reason is, that veterinarians from all over the world turn to him for help.

The work is organized as follows: If the injured animal is far from Darrick’s center, they send a special set of equipment to its owner or the person responsible for the animal. With its help, people determine the shape of the animal’s limb on the spot. Then this “prostheses” is sent back to Animal Ortho Care. Based on this form, an artificial, but working “leg” or “paw” is being designed.

Today, Campana is a celebrity. He was even invited to take part in a program “Heroes Among Us”. As part of this popular show, he worked in the US state of Arizona and in Africa.

The most famous prostheses, made by the master, was created for the injured leg of an elephant, named Jabba.

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