“I will not leave them!” The kittens had almost no chance to survive, but the volunteer never gave up…

They are so sweet! Good thing they survived!

There was almost no chance for these two red kittens to survive! Our today’s heroes are Peppy and Dexter.

The kittens were born in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mother left them with their 3 siblings. Volunteers found the kittens on time, and took them to an animal shelter.

After a while, it became clear that all the kittens were sick. They had feline panleukopenia. The disease was probably passed of to them by their mother…

Such a disease is too dangerous for a kitten’s weak body. One of the shelter employees Melinda wasn’t even sure if the kittens would survive. Still, the girl decided to do everything to help them.

Unfortunately, three of the kittens couldn’t resist the disease, but Peppy and Dexter kept fighting it…

Despite their poor appetite and the pain, the animals were trying to eat. Melinda fed them once in every two hours, constantly warmed the babies and hugged them, holding them on her hands.

It was surprising how much the kittens wanted to live! The little things turned out to be amazing fighters.

The threat to life disappeared after two weeks of treatment. The kittens began to purr and even explore the territory.

Melinda kept feeding Peppy, and Dexter was already able to eat on his own.

Peppy loves to play and is constantly in search of adventures for her charming tail.

Dexter is much calmer of a cat, who loves to eat!

Every day, the babies are getting better and better. They have overcome the disease!

The siblings love each other and are good friends. The volunteers decided that the sweet duo should not be separated in any case. Therefore, as soon as they fully recover, the volunteers will start to look for an owner, who would agree to take both of the pets.

We hope, that these charming tiny kittens will have a long and happy life!

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