To warm the little dog, the goose hugged him with its wing

Isn’t this cute?

There are no someone else’s children. And this is characteristic not only of people, but also of animals and even birds. Natural instincts will prompt every mother to come to the aid of any cub, despite the fact that he belongs to a different species.

It is unknown how, but the little puppy was left without a mother and a home. He wandered the streets and could not find a place for himself. Suddenly it started to rain. The dog had nowhere to hide from it.

People didn’t seem to notice the freezing baby. They avoided him, hurrying about their business. It’s scary to imagine how the story would have ended if the goose hadn’t been there.

She understood that the baby needed help. Her maternal instinct told her that. The bird came up to the puppy and covered him with her wing from the weather. That’s what birds always do with their chicks.

The baby, feeling the warmth, snuggled up to his feathered savior and fell asleep. So they spent a couple of hours while it was raining. This idyllic picture was taken on his smartphone by one of the passers-by and published online.

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