Unusual kitten with two muzzles was born in the USA: he was weaker than his brothers, but he really wanted to live

He is unusual but still needs love and affection!

A homeless pregnant cat came to the family barn and decided to give birth to her kittens there. Having discovered the family in the morning, the hostess of the house took a closer look and noticed that one of the kittens had two muzzles.

Kayla King from Oregon, USA has been feeding one stray cat for a long time, which often ran into her yard. Soon the woman noticed that the guest had a rounded tummy. And when it was time to give birth, the cat decided that the safest place would be a shed near the woman’s house.

Going into the barn in the morning, Kayla found a cat family – mom safely gave birth to kittens. The woman immediately noticed that one of the babies was not like the others. The unique kitten had two muzzles.

Kayla and her family decided to take care of the kittens and the cat. They showed thee two-faced kitten, nicknamed Biscuits, to the veterinarian.

The baby was diagnosed with diprosopus – this is a rare congenital pathology, as a result of which parts of the face or face are completely duplicated on the head. This pathology occurs in both humans and animals. At the same time, they can live a normal life – one cat with a diprosopus named Frankenlui lived 15 happy years.

The only problem that Biscuits is experiencing now is that it is difficult for him to drink his mother’s milk. Kayla feeds him from a pipette – in two mouths. “Sometimes when I drip milk into one mouth, the other one starts meowing, begging for food,” says the caretaker.

Unfortunately, the mother cat does not pay due attention to the kitten just because it is much weaker than the others. But Kayla understands this, and gives the baby twice as much care and affection, replacing his mother’s warmth.

Otherwise, the kitten feels great. Despite the pathology, he is active and curious. Kayla’s family does everything to ensure that he grows up healthy and, most importantly, loved.

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