Heartless woman threw this unusual dog into the street

The pet could finally find his happiness.

We live in a cruel world. It’s cruel especially for those who cannot take care of themselves. There are a lot of pictures and stories about abandoned animals on the Web. Let’s talk about one of them.

Earlier this year, a video appeared on YouTube featuring a disabled dog as the hero. He was left alone in the street. On top of that, the unfortunate animal was thrown out twice in one day. When the dog was left, a passer-by picked him up. However, she disposed of the pet later that day.
Fortunately, the charity organization was able to help the unfortunate dog. The organization staff named the dog Tintin. The little dog’s story spread on the Internet, and dozens of people offered to adopt him. Animal rights activists decided to choose Tintin’s owner very carefully.

In the end, Tintin found new loving owners after the volunteers communicated with many applicants.

The pet could finally find his happiness. Despite his disabilities, he is very loved by his new family. The dog has his own home now.

And Tintin’s former owner is now being charged with animal cruelty on the grounds that she left him to die.

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