Dog lay in the snow with her puppies for 3 weeks, until people came

Many have admired the story of this selfless dog

During a severe snowstorm, a dog gave birth to puppies in the forest in Minnesota, USA. A difficult situation faced the young mother. Her six tiny puppies couldn’t survive without food and safety.

So, the dog carved a hole in the snow and huddled in it with the puppies. Though the starved dog quickly ran out of milk, she didn’t leave her puppies behind.

The rescue came when people finally noticed the dog and its offspring. A group of concerned residents brought her to a local shelter, “Red Lake Rosie”. They were warmed up and rehabilitated there.

In honor of the tragic weather in which she was found, the mother dog was named Snowbel. The dog quickly got used to the new conditions and could even gain some weight. Puppies were found to be at least three weeks old by veterinarians. Probably, all this time they were lying together with Snowbel in the snow.

Four puppies were adopted within six weeks by the shelter staff. Snowbel herself and two other puppies are still waiting for their owners. But, apparently, she doesn’t have to wait long. Many people have admired the story of this selfless dog and are ready to accept her and her puppies into their homes.

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