He’s 102, and she’s 100! This couple has been together for 65 years already: The story of the oldest Hollywood couple

It’s so heart-warming to see elderly couples sincerely in love with each other!

There are so many problems in the world regarding the relationship between a man and a woman, that the relationships of our idols often serve as an example for us. An example, showing what is and what is not appropriate.

Famous artists seem to start and very soon end a relationship, changing wives and husbands. And they consider each of them the love of their life. But there are also those, who really show us how to live together and celebrate not only golden but also diamond anniversary.

We are now talking about the Hollywood couple, that have been together for more than 65 years. This article is about Anne Buydens and Kirk Douglas. The spouses are already 100 and 102 years old, and they are still happy together. This is not the first marriage of the famous actor, but it’s a long-lasting one. And how can you not believe in fate here? It’s so nice to watch happy grandparents walking together in the park holding hands, hugging and endlessly smiling. These are the people you would like to take an example from. You just dream to have a love life like them.

Only thanks to such couples you start to believe in true love. It’s surprising that they are still in love as sincerely, as before. Just like any other couples, they also have arguments and problems, but they manage to solve them. If they can, everyone can! Most likely, this is worldly wisdom, gained by experience. There is a tremendous work going on here on yourself and relationships in general.

True emotions know no limits! this is what “for better and for worse” and “until parted by death” mean. It seems that a couple with such a long life together can no longer imagine their meaning of existence in another way.

More than half a century together! What a heroic feat! They definitely have some secrets that help them maintain their marriage. It would be great if we all knew these secrets!

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