Passers-by rescued an emaciated dog that was hanging from the balcony without strength

It’s a miracle she survived

People often behave like animals, and real animals and pets suffer from this. The story of the dog Rada, who miraculously survived, although the owner condemned her to starvation, is being discussed on the internet now.

It was in Tutaev, Yaroslavl region. The children heard the whining and saw that a dog was hanging from the balcony.

It didn’t look like he was playing. The animal was hanging in an unnatural position, and couldn’t get out by himself.

The dog was rescued, but it turned out to be just the beginning. Skin and bones, in the truest sense — it’s scary to watch.

Volunteers gave the dog first aid. She was diagnosed with anemia and severe exhaustion. The animal was literally dying of hunger. As the veterinarians explained, it’s actually a miracle that she was still alive.

The dog was named Rada

The investigation showed that the dog lived with a drunken owner who practically did not care about her. He didn’t get along with people either – constant conflicts and calls to the police. He disappeared some time ago and no one knew where he went. As it turned out, Rada was locked in the empty apartment all this time, and from hunger and despair managed to get out onto the balcony, from where she tried to get off, but got stuck and finally got exhausted.

Now Rada is doing well, she got into a foster family and is on the mend.

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