Firefighters were glad that they saved the Labrador puppies, but it turned out in vain

Labrador puppies or….?

Rescuers believed that they had found discarded Labrador puppies in the sewer manhole. Indeed, a bunch of dark brown babies, that were taken out on a tip from Denver residents, incredibly resembled newly born hunting dogs.

“We looked at them and assumed what breed these puppies were, but they were so small that it was almost impossible to understand. But there were a lot of them. They were so cute”, said one of the rescuers of the town.

It was completely unclear where to put these puppies. Then the rescuers began to think that at least some of them would be taken home. But the weakened condition of the animals forced them to postpone the searches and go to the veterinary clinic.

What was the surprise of the rescuers when the results of the tests came. It turned out that they had taken out of the sewer not Labrador puppies, but small black and brown fox cubs.

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