“Baby Animal Love”: Newborn animals are cute but IDFG suggests leaving them alone

Enjoy the sights of nature but let wildlife mothers do their job!

As spring arrives, Idaho Fish & Game (IDFG) has issued a reminder to the public to refrain from intervening with baby animals. Despite good intentions, those who attempt to “rescue” young animals may cause more harm than good as animal parents frequently leave their young for extended periods. These separations can occur for various reasons such as searching for food, rest, or protecting their young from danger. Wildlife mothers instinctively know how to care for their offspring and it is best to leave them alone.

IDFG states that it is normal for young animals to be left alone and that people should not try to intervene by picking them up. This is particularly relevant for baby birds who are just beginning to fly and may fall out of nests. However, IDFG has assured the public that the baby birds will survive even if they fall.

If a member of the public encounters a baby animal, such as a deer fawn or duckling, they should not try to handle or raise it themselves. Instead, they should contact their nearest Fish and Game office who can provide advice and, when necessary, retrieve the animal. It is also worth noting that possession of most species of wildlife taken from the wild is illegal in Idaho.

IDFG is reminding people to enjoy the sights of nature but to let wildlife mothers do their job of caring for their offspring.

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