Stray dogs drove him away from food and did not allow him to hide from the weather

Finally, luck smiled on this unfortunate animal

No one was going to look for this stray doggie. It was hard for the dog to live on the street. Stray dogs drove him away from food and did not want to take him into their pack. After three weeks of wandering around the city, the dog became completely emaciated. Well, at least he caught Inna’s attention, and she took him him to a private paid zoo. However, for several months no one wanted to shelter him. Once a woman called a volunteer and said that she wanted to take a stray dog. She and her husband already had one dog, but they wanted to take some unfortunate animal.

Soon she and her husband came to the zoo to choose a dog for themselves. All of Inna’s foundlings waved their tails affably and reached out to the couple with all their might. The husband and wife hardly restrained themselves from bursting into tears. The spouse turned out to be so cordial that he kissed each pet. The couple was confused and did not know which one to choose. After conferring at home, they decided to pick up the loving Gavryushka. He rushed to them as if he was just waiting for them.

So the unfortunate dog found a new home and loving owners. The first time he got into the yard, the dog jumped for joy like a child, as if he had returned to his former owners. Now the tailed pet is surrounded with love, he is forgiven for various pranks and scolded only in jest.

Finally, luck smiled on Gavryushka, and he found his family. Let’s wish him a happy life!

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