Scared dirty cat turned into a gorgeous kitten thanks to a kind girl

From a homeless dirty kitten to a real prince!

A kitten named Motty was found on the street in poor condition and taken to a shelter in Las Vegas. The kitten really needed help, and a volunteer girl named Patricia Lika became his guardian. When she first saw his frightened face, she immediately decided to take care of the baby.

When the girl took the baby in her arms, he was covered in dirt, and his eyes almost did not open because of a severe infection.

Patricia bathed the kitten, gave him the necessary medications and dripped his eyes. The next day, the pet became worse due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Newborn kittens who are left without a mother have very little chance of survival, because they do not receive nutrients from their mother’s milk. But Patricia was determined to help the pet, no matter what. She gave him medicine, taking care of Motty around the clock.

During each feeding, the girl tried to cheer up the baby, gently talking to him. The next day, Patricia was happy to notice that the baby felt better. He cheered up and began to eat with appetite.

From that moment on, Motty went on the mend. After a few weeks, the kitten turned into a happy and mischievous kid who loves to eat, jump and sleep.

Motty is no longer sad, but looks at the world with big, bright eyes that stand out on a red fluffy muzzle.

Patricia is happy to watch her little kitten grow and gain strength. Very soon the baby will go to a permanent home where he will be taken care of.

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