People were sitting at a table, and a hungry dog was looking at them outside the window

A new life was coming for the pet

Ksyusha was celebrating her birthday in a small cafe. The guests were chatting about something, eating delicious dishes, the mood was festive. Suddenly the girl shifted her gaze and saw a dog through the glass wall. A dirty, curly-haired dog was looking with unhappy eyes at the guests and desperately wanted to eat. There, behind the wall, the aroma of delicious food spread, which floated smoothly through the open door, and he stood on the darkening street hungry and abandoned by everyone. Quickly grabbing a napkin from the table, Ksyusha began to put several cutlets in it. Then she went to the door and gave the food to the dog. The hungry dog hopefully rushed to the food and began greedily grabbing the offered treats.

— Girl, but what are you feeding him?, – Ksyusha heard the reproachful voice of the waitress behind her. ” We are trying to kick him out, and here you are feeding him whatever he wants.
— But how can you not feed the dog? He’s hungry,” the birthday girl replied.
But the waitress just shrugged her shoulders.

— Here half of the district is filled with hungry stray dogs. We can’t provide all of them with food.
— You can’t feed everyone, just this one. You have one here, half of the district may be fed by other people. You can help this.
The waitress smiled dismissively and said expressively:
— Girl, actually, we have a commercial institution, not a charity organization, and every cutlet, every piece of meat costs money. We can’t give out food for free. Here you have paid for your portion, you can give it away, if you don’t mind.

With these words, the woman went inside, and Ksyusha was just amazed at how heartless people can be. She left the cafe to get some fresh air. The dog, who had already managed to swallow the treats, was happily wagging his tail, greeting the person who had just shared food with him.
At that moment, a guy came out of the cafe. It was Ksyusha’s boyfriend.
— And I keep wondering where you’ve gone, and you’re here instead of spending time with me. Standing on the street in the company of some dirty dog.

Recently, the relationship with Oleg did not go well and the girl even thought about breaking up with him. But he asked for a second chance so much that she agreed. And now this attitude…
— And what exactly is the matter? I don’t have the right to go outside?”, she asked irritably.
— You have. You could have just called me.
— Come on, let’s not spoil the mood. I was feeding the dog, she has such sad hungry eyes.
The guy laughed.

— They always have such round black and sad eyes. And as for hunger, even when they are not hungry, they still will not refuse to eat. Haven’t you heard that dogs will eat as much as you give?

Ksyusha felt disgusted after these words. She did not argue, but only silently went back inside. On the street, the dog was sadly looking after the girl.
The party was ending and the guests began to go home. Ksyusha also went out, and Oleg volunteered to accompany her. In the darkness of the night, the dog suddenly ran after them. He was waiting for the girl, and when she came out, he immediately went after her.

— Baby, – Ksyusha smiled when she saw the dog. – Do you want to come with me? Let’s go.
— Oh, come on! He may be sick. He will bring any infection with him! – The guy’s dissatisfied voice rang out.
— What are you suggesting? Kick him out?
— Why should you be responsible for him? He’s a stranger! What if he has an owner? Why do you need it?

Ksyusha felt annoyed. He was annoying, intrusive, boring and tiresome.
— Let’s end the conversation. Take me home, please. And I’m going to bed, I’m very tired.
— What about the walk? I wanted to walk and chat with you, I missed you.
Ksyusha insisted that Oleg take her home. After saying goodbye to the young man, she let the dog into the house.

— Are we going to take a shower?, – she smiled.
The dog began to wag his tail. “Let’s make this dirty fur clean and beautiful”. The dog obediently climbed into the prepared basin and felt the gentle warmth of the water. Clean, dried up, he ate again and fell asleep with the calm sleep of a happy pet who believed that a new life was coming for him.

In the morning, she took him to the vet, who said that the dog was fine, despite the vagrant lifestyle.

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