“Heartbreaking moment!”: Famous singer Keith Urban fulfilled a young lady’s final wish with a serenade

The last day of her life became the happiest!

25-year-old Marissa English experienced one of her happiest moment before passing away. The woman was born with various health problems: with water and cysts in her brain.

Marissa was a huge fan of the famous country singer Keith Urban. She had a dream to visit one of his live concerts at least once in her short life. Although Marissa knew it was impossible for her to attend the concert, she still bought a ticket. She had high hopes that with some miracle she would be able to go to Toledo, Ohio, for her favorite singer’s concert. Unfortunately, her health condition rapidly deteriorated and she was unable to attend the concert.

The poor girl was heartbroken to realize it was her last chance to ever see her idol. Marissa’s nurses couldn’t see the woman in such despair, so they wrote a touching letter to the singer with one request.

Keith Urban turned out to be a man with a big heart. He put off all his plans for that day just to visit his biggest fan. Marissa was at Mercy Kids’ Hospital, and she was greatly surprised and shocked to see her favorite Keith Urban walk into her ward.

Marissa claimed that it was the happiest day of her life.

The singer performed his song “Blue Ain’t Your Color” for Marissa and called her his “best fan”.

That day became a truly remarkable one both for Marissa and Keith!

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