Man, who has nowhere to live and nothing to eat himself, helps homeless cats

Although he is homeless, he has a big kind heart!

Love for animals ennobles and purifies the human soul. Despite the hard life, this homeless man always takes care of his friends – stray cats. The man sells limes on the street every day to earn money to buy food for his friends. There are times when he doesn’t have enough food for himself, but no matter what, he always prioritizes feeding his cats. He considers them his family and never leaves them hungry. He can do without eating, but the cats must eat every day. Cats count on the man and wait every day. The story went viral after a young woman saw him selling lamps with a sign of 20 baht per bag. The profit helps to recoup the cost of food for stray cats.

People admired his kindness and began to offer help. Some of them came to buy limes from him. After that, he was given a free haircut and new clothing by some people. Later, he returned to the street to sell limes, because cats are the light of his life.

We should never judge a book by its cover. It is apparent that he is a kind and compassionate person, despite being homeless.

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